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On March 10, Titan America announced plans to suspend building a coal-fired plant and strip mine at Castle Hayne in New Hanover County. Because thousands of volunteers, residents and advocates took a stance with their voices, letters, petitions and rallies, the people of New Hanover County won an eight-year battle to protect a clean community.

Thanks to YOU – a large-scale polluter of our air quality and groundwater supply was stopped.

This was a huge achievement, and we’re so thankful for your hard work and support. Never underestimate the value of our community standing together for something better.

You Decide the Future of New Hanover County 

We stopped Titan for now – yet the work to advocate for clean jobs and healthy communities needs to continue.  At the Coastal Federation, we are supporting solutions that allow for responsible growth and will  create a bridge for economic development while balancing our natural resources. We believe adopting an improved SUP is the next step for New Hanover County.

Click Here and Show your support for the improved Special Use Permit (SUP). 

The type of economic development we attract impacts more than just job growth; it will also affect our community’s public health, water supply, social equity and our natural resources for generations to come.

Thank you for your support in standing up against Titan and helping to ensure, through an improved Special User Permit process, that other industrial polluters are not able to establish their businesses in our community.

Jen Gordon

VIDEOS: Faces of Our Community

See the many faces behind this fight. We're not who you might think.

Jen Gordon: Moved to Wilmington to escape pollution and is now concerned with Titan's proposed emissions. Click to hear her story.

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