Experts Weigh In

But don't take our word for it! Scientists, legal experts, business people – professionals of every stripe are convinced that the impact of Titan cement will be a negative one, overall, and offer the following papers and comments.

UNCW Marine Chemist Steve Skrabal on Mercury

Dr. Skrabal is a marine chemist with whose research interests include the chemistry of heavy metals in sediments and waters of estuaries and the ocean. He and his colleagues are completing a study funded by North Carolina Sea Grant to examine the distributions and behavior of the chemical forms of mercury in the Cape Fear estuarine system. Dr. Skrabal, his colleagues, and students have been studying mercury in this system for about five years. This statement represents Dr. Skrabal’s scientific opinion regarding concerns about the proposed Titan Cement plant to be located near the Northeast Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne, NC. VIEW PDF

Pediatrician David Hill

Editorial/opinion piece by Dr. David Hill, local and vocal pediatrician who opposes Titan Cemet. The piece is currently in Wilmington Parent. VIEW PDF

Mac Currin, former Chairman NC Fisheries Commission

"Our commission is extremely concerned about the significant adverse impacts to the aquatic resources that would occur if this project were approved as proposed. We urge the Corps of Engineers to thoroughly review all associated impacts of this proposed project and incorporate the potential air toxic impacts into the overall NEPA process prior to any permits being issued for this project." VIEW PDF

Larry Cahoon: Polluting Industries and Cost Externalities

Larry Cahoon is a professor of biology and marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. VIEW PDF

Duke University Toxicologist Martha Keeting

Martha Keeting from Duke University's Children's Environmental Health initiative speaks about the impacts of environmental exposures on vulnerable populations. VIEW PDF

Dr. Fred Opper on Titan

Frederick H. Opper M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.G., A.G.A.F. is a gastroenterologist practicing in Wilmington. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. VIEW PDF

Craig Galbraith: Negative Economic Impacts of Titan Cement and Mine

Comments that Dr. Craig Galbraith presented at the June 2nd commissioners meeting addressing the flawed economic modeling for Titan’ proposed cement plant. As Dr. Galbraith summarizes, low-tech, heavy polluting industries like cement plants often have a negative impact on growth, tax-base and local economies over time. VIEW PDF

Read Dr. Galbraith & Dr. Stiles' economic impact analysis, The Impact of Cement Manufacturing on Economic Growth in the Cape Fear Region

Curtis Consalvo: Potential Goundwater Impacts of the Proposed Carolinas Cement Company Near Castle Hayne, NC

Curtis A. Consalvo, L.G. and President of GeoResources, Inc. was contracted by the NorthCarolina Coastal Federation in 2011 to perform an analysis of the potential groundwater impacts of the proposed Carolinas Cement Company facility near Castle Hayne, NC using existing information on mining projections and hydrogeological characteristics of the surrounding area. VIEW PDF 

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