People of Color Harmed by Proposed Air Toxics Bill

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) issued a press release today pointing out that the proposed changes to North Carolina's Air Toxics rules will harm people in low-income communities and people of color. The release points out that a "recent analyses from the Southern Environmental Law Center show[ed] that the communities surrounding facilities that would be exempt from air toxics permits are 39.8% to 40% minority, compared to the 31.5% to 32% minority population statewide."
Executive Director of the NCEJN, Gary R. Grant, sums up these changes quite profoundly: "North Carolina can do better." These rollbacks on the states air quality standards is particularly concerning for opponents because some pollutants currently covered by these state-wide rules are not regulated by the federal government. As stated in the release, "there are no federal standards for hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas that is released by thousands of animal waste lagoons, asphalt plants and paper mills in North Carolina."
To stand up for these much needed protections, call or email your N.C. State Senator today!
Take 30 seconds and contact your N.C. State Senator and ask them to vote against Senate Bill 858, which would weaken the NC Air Toxics Standards.
Senator Bill Rabon:                        (919) 733-5963  
Senator Thom Goolsby:                  (919) 715-2525 

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